time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

So, I spend about two days working on someone else’s database, only to discovered that I didn’t really actually have to do it after all. Boy didn’t I feel special. Regardless sometimes you have to go the long way around the mountain to get where you’re going. Who cares it is back where you started from, eh?

In retaliation I spent the next two days working on my OWN database. Four straight days of long backside numbing work – in the end I don’t have too much to show for it. Not yet anyway. I will feel better when someone buys something.

Rebekah at Coelacanth Books turned me on to Bonanzle.com another online selling venue to rival ebay and the monster it has become. You know it’s not half bad…I haven’t sold anything yet. but I hear tell that other people have. From a geeky aspect it has all sorts of marvelous ways to cross merchandise your junk, you can twitter it, craigslist it, or even embed your own items back on your own webpage for processing by Bonanzle. (see example on Coelacanth Books) I can waste days on end playing with a new gadgety website like that…oh wait, I just have.

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