tiny pleasures

Anyone else love that feeling you get when the shipping supply restock arrive and you get to clean up the giant hamster cage mess you have made since the last time and put everything away nice and neat? hey, we take the tiny pleasures when we can get them. My days are still not my own and my evenings even less so, the US Census is using 19th century technology this time around and there is a lot of hand writing in pencil involved. At night instead of curling up with anything remotely entertaining I pull up my manual and my paperwork and make sure all my Is are crossed.

I know the money will stop coming in a couple of weeks, and i am trying very hard NOT to piss it away on frivolous things like food and clothing. I am getting square with as many people as I can remember, even staving off the utility companies.

Seriously this 8-10 hour workaday thing is hideous and should be abolished, when are people supposed to have time to do all their other jobs? The only thing I have even marginally kept up with is the event website, and i even got taken to task by a local PR person because I hadn’t plugged it into to all the social network sites YET. As my ex-husband used to say “that will have to wait until I get my third hand free.”

I did treat myself to a night out – one of the local events wasn’t getting ANY coverage from the useless regional paper, so I did it myself. A local bar, which had until recently been a bar just south of the one from Road House, brought in some comedians for a night, a town first in my memory. So I went I sat, I smirked, I drank and I wrote. Surprisingly when I reread what I had wrought (sic) the next morning, it wasn’t half bad….perhaps I should only write when i am half in the bag. That may improve my outlook, if not my liver function.

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