tisket a tasket

it’s late…or early depending on your point of view and i am doing something dangerous. I am crusing ebay for no damn good reason whatsoever. I am actually indulging a whimsy to do some window shopping for picnic baskets.. i don’t need one and don’t have any intention of buying one. I’m only one person these days. But i have had them in the past, the ready mades and the homemades. i have definite opinions on them, but sometimes i just like to catalog shop.

like any other tool geek, i like looking at kits of any sort, every few years they come out with a rash of new designs to look at..picnic kits make great gifts for people you know nothing about. You imagine them using them, even if they never will, but the gift is impressive and appreciated…and sooner or later the basket ends up at the thrift store, usually gutted of anything truly useful, which is the way i like them. Picnic baskets are almost always just the tableware and linens, rarely with a little room for foodstuffs, so one ends up carrying many heavy items you don’t need plus an entire other container just to transport the food. Then there is repacking dirty flatware and dishes into your nice clean basket, basically what looks good in the gift catalog is problematic in the field.

Gone are the days when your servants would worry about such things, and one has to be very bored to prethink what to pack and build your own kit. Basically find a STURDY container – when i was one of a couple, i used to own one of these green ones here…if was cavernous, plenty of room for everything not on ice, and if you are careful you won’t need that either. Choose your food and food containers first, then select the devices that you need. don’t forget extra plastic bags for repacking dirty dishes, trash and leftover foodstuffs. When we returned and i would run everything through the dish washer and toss them back in the basket and leave it stored that way, so the picnic items were dedicated to the task.

Alas i don’t have a need for anything such as this, on the odd occasion i pack a lunch to a job site, i have a few insulated lunch bags of varying sizes, large enough to accommodate food and flateware, the last few years i have discovered bento boxes which is time consuming to construct but satisfying to consume. I think my new years present to myself may be to adapt my picnic materials to attach to my bike. With the new rail trail coming through i will have plenty of reasons to have a few picnics with myself. how come no one makes a picnic basket for ONE?

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