to house or not to house

A19723981 a evil friend of mine put the dirty little idea in my head of buying an RV and going on the road instead of committing to just one place. Now I am actually thinking about it. I have always admired the Class-A, in the same way i look at the tiny house blog, i wonder what it would take to cull everything i own down to the barest of essentials.

I spent a lot of the day cleaning and arranging dvds. trying to decide what to sell, what to keep, but its too soon to do that now. unless in know where i’m going and how much space i will have, I am much happier deciding which pieces of furniture i am taking. what started as a game to see how few things i can take is now a mission, take as little as possible. What i found is that Greenville charges like 1.25 per trashbag. Which inspired me to examine the dvd collection, some of the cases need replacing and i better do that before i go, because i am not certain if the amray dvd cases recycle and i’d will have to get rid of them. WHich means i need to stop buying plastic things, what if they break? I am awful at recycling food cans, i’d have to get back into the habit of washing the cans and recycling them. I have to start retraining my brain….even more so if i went into a class-a.

A bunch of years ao, i did a lot of research on RVs but from what i understand it is even more popular now. The RVS are certainly larger and more elaborate. I could fit a couple of roommates in there but certainly not as many as i could in a house. And i can’t imagine letting even one roam around while i drive. I think i would have to get homes for more of them than i expected. I can’t even get CHARLEY an home, and he’s wonderful.

I ended up with the travel trailer in the garage, I didn’t get to use it as much as i expected to, unfortunately in New England everything is uphill, so you have to have a comperable tow vehicle and that never happened. Speaking of towing, i’d need to have a vehicle to tow as well. I just can’t imagine driving this beast, but the i live in a town with little roads you can’t imagine this beast going down. In fact i’d have to get a New Hampshire address, no sales tax and no income tax, I have friends who can help with that. but i have to come back when the driver’s license needs to be renewed.

But more important than the cats, how do i make a livin on the road? the mail order thing gives me a headache to think about, without more SPACE for more stock, it is a better idea to just stop. I don’t make that much on anything. However, i have had an offer from my wholesale purchaser, they want to buy the rights to my proprietary products and i would just get a cut of the sales. not bad for not lifing a finger.

The Book publishing could be done completely via internet, having the books shipped to the customer. but its not that profitable YET. the concept is sound, i believe in it. I will have to write a business plan and figure out how many things I can hire online people to do. I can hire people online to format, edit and set up the drafts, even index and all i have to do is vet the work. and make the publishing schedule. Then figure out the marketing, i believe in my heart that getting the books out to the people is the key.

The RV is wishful thinking  but i have to STOP looking at houses in Greenfield, i found one that suits all my needs but will probably off the market by the time mine sells, and it was a single family not a duplex, which puts me right back into same situation.  What’s the best place to invest capital in my life that will turn the most profit.

what started at just getting rid of most of my stuff, is now getting rid of anything i dont really need.  I would easily get rid of books and dvds if it means keeping a cat. though don’t get me wrong, i would give all my cats away if they were going to a better home.  Though Walter would just come right back.

I’m going to go look at more Class A motor homes.  6 miles to a gallon, like THAT’s not going to send me to hell.   No really you only move them a few times a year, you tow a smaller vehicle for local travel.  I’m thinking a mini cooper, what do you think?



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