to stove or not to stove

stove In the never ending task of trying to keep various parts of my brain busy, I started thinking about my kitchen – regardless of what house it will be in, lets move on from that shall we? – Using the red house as a yardstick for now…the rooms will be small. Granted my kitchen is small now, it’s rather a hallway with a sink…in certain circles, like NYC my kitchen would be considered vast…. regardless space shouldn’t be wasted and if i begin as i intend to go on, applying all the space saving skills I have at hand, I can make the space i WILL have seem much larger than it is. Did that make sense to anyone but me? No, doesn’t matter, lets move on.

Essentially i came to this marvelous conclusion when i picked up that little continue looking for smaller than average furniture and appliances, to make the space I do have seem larger. I have already been collecting smaller than average cookware for many years. Though my kitchen HAS a 22″ inch apartment size stove, it is purely for decoration. I have a cutting board over it and haven’t used it for over 12 fact i think this one is a replacement and i have never used it at all. I have a Counter top oven..which is a toaster oven on steroids…and one single ‘fifth’ burner…though i wish i had two. That’s all i need and I can cook pretty much anything – I want. I never cook for more than just me, and even if i have company in the new place, i can do that using what i got just fine. I don’t NEED a STOVE, I really don’t.


WHY does a kitchen HAVE a stove? Cause it’s traditional. Most people can’t cook for shit to begin with, but they have a stove because, a kitchen has a stove. Go look at any old person’s domicile…only ONE burner is used and they end up heating an entire oven up just to reheat leftover pizza cause it gets soggy in the microwave…my microwave is above the fridge so i can make my popcorn.

While I was looking at Energy Star Appliances I noticed there are NO energy Star ovens..there just isn’t because they waste energy. It is part of the design…and it is even MORE wasteful for ONE person. Even if i use it all the time, the ENTIRE box needs to get hot just so i can cook what amounts to a meat loaf. So WHY do i have to HAVE a stove?

I will stick with the countertop oven, though sadly they don’t make MY model anymore. It’s a beat to hell and will probably last a little longer. I did start looking for a replacement though, there are convection ovens about the same size…large enough to roast a chicken, bake a cake or bread without burning the tops. I found the Professional Grade ovens look like the best use of energy..and they cost about the same as an entire stove. The Wisco 620 Commercial Convection Counter Top Oven costs about $400 and i will need to install a 2 burner cooktop $300… so now i am in seven bills when any partially used stove will only cost about $200 and a new one under $400. Should i good stoveless and use that space for the 19″ dishwasher? I’m thinking MAYBE.

Cooktop Over the years I have put together an excellent collection of cookware that fits in my counter top oven…that’s harder than it sounds. You know those muffin pans with the little handles that stick out? can’t use em… roasting pans with flared sides? nope. Basically 12″ wide is the limit, and i had to have a buddy tin snip down some large muffin pans from 6s to 4s. The Wisco should actually accept normal sized cookware without much problem, it will certainly use what i have. But Think about the volume of air surrounding the pans that would have to be heated to cook said muffins? it’s GOT to be less wasteful on energy. It may take years to make that $300 difference in costs, but time not really the issue.

That was my very long winded rationalization on NOT buying a stove, if and when the time comes that i have to buy a stove. I don’t expect the little red house to have its appliances, i really don’t. But then many of the other houses I look at are sporting stoves from previous generations, and god only knows what the insides look like. I am one person, i don’t need a 32″ stove taking up room and sucking up energy just to bake a meatloaf…meatloaf…been a long time since i made a meatloaf…. hmm…maybe i should make the kind that comes with the boiled egg in the middle? which would be funny since I use ground poultry. Time to fire up my steroidal toaster oven.

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