Today I Learned

shopp…..which in Reddit speak stands for Today I Learned…. in the last couple of days I got annoyed at fiddling with Canvas…which is the theme i used to turn this site blue…and other stuff…and i turned around and bought another WordPress Plug in that i was looking at.   It helps you import amazon products into your website so you can recommend them to passing strangers…little did i know there are a shit ton of plugins that do that…and i think some are free.  Never the less I learned a lot about how and why it works etc….I learned that the difference between amazon associates – slash -affiliates web services and amazon Web Services…makes my head hurt.   But I got it to work and i learned something…what i learned is that because i have a real site with real products to worry about, i shouldn’t be fucking around with code about with sites that sell things for amazon hoping to earn a few trickle down pennies. Further investigation shows about a JILLION youtube videos proclaiming how much money you can make setting up lots of these NICHE sites, using this sort of plug in software. And I confess I like the concept. Who knows I may put that idea in the back of the noggin and let it stew around – i have a number of unused domains and since i have already BOUGHT the software…see where my brain goes? I have used the amazon affiliates links in the past…and in totem i think i made about four dollars. I don’t have the time or the energy to put into a virtual site selling books or anything else at list price for amazon. Right now the only use i have for it, is to make lists of silly things that I like. Aside from that I don’t think i will get the cost of the plug in BACk anytime soon. But on the other hand…for me learning something new releases the same endorphins in me that video games do to small children. So far it is the only thing that I DID accomplish today, so that has to account for something.

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