today’s mail

i love packages in the mail, it’s like christmas…can’t say the same for most of the mail i get..but packages are nice.
Today I got the big boxes of Stanley Insulated products that i got in trade for vintage flask. Now i just have to figure out how to get it to my friends..the logistics of generosity are a pain in the ass.

These are the other packages..the college textbook is a gift for a local kid whose mom is broke…she’s got two kids in college and is trying to keep up with the school books…my mom was barely aware of what i was doing in college never mind what i needed…what the hell it’s only money right?

The guerrilla gardening is research for my Civic housekeeping book…i needed more about info on seed bombs and other greenspace stuff. ..nah that’s a lie..i could have gotten by with what’s on the net..but i was fascinated by the title and just wanted it. haven’t got a pot to pee in..but i got a book on guerrilla gardening. (yes i did check my local library system, they had nada)

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