tomato pie in the eye

I had never heard of tomato pie….but sadly they never kept it up.. I was intrigued…and eventually one day I made it…and i made it far about 4 times..yesterday..i woke up desiring it..and i had dehydrated my last this time i made it with a can of tomatoes..and shit it was still yummy. We never had a lot of back of the box, white trash, middle america, and white bread recipes growing up in my house..i guess over the years I am discovering them one at a time…i remember the first time i made that mushroom soup, green beans and fried onion thingy…that was damn tasty if you put the sodium count out of your mind.

I will have to make sure i always have the ingredients for this one in the cupboard.

My personal shortcuts are to precook the onions for a minute or two in the microwave and sprinkle some grated cheese under the can never have enough cheese. Is the mayo supposed to melt? it never really changes texture or consistency..but still tastes yummy.

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