Tomato water Gazpacho with Gin!!


for 2 people

600 gms Tomatoes, really ripe
1 clove Garlic
1 pc Lebanese Cucumber
¼ Red capsicum
1/2 pc Avocado
Lemon juice to taste
20 ml Aged sweet vinegar
4 leaves Basil
6 leaves Chives
40 ml Extra virgin olive oil
40 ml Gin


Remove stems from tomato & process with garlic in blender until smooth
Strain through muslin cloth (if not available double strain liquid through first fine sieve & then a tea towel, or a pair of panty hose) to extract the pale pink water from the tomato pulp.
Add lemon juice & aged vinegar, gin, pepper, salt to taste
Refrigerate until cold.

Peel & quarter avocado. Slice thinly & arrange in centre of soup plate
Quarter cucumber lengthwise, remove seeds and cut into noodles using a mandolin, arrange on top of avocado.
Skin & seed capsicum & julienne into long match sticks.

Pour tomato water into soup plate.

Top with julienne basil, chive & dot with olive oil.

Serve ice cold

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