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wheresgeorgeSome days i want to kill my cats, Some days i just want to kill one. George went walkabout as soon as the rain stopped the other day and didn’t come home.  this did not alarm me, he does this quite often in the good weather, he is especially fond of inviting himself into people’s homes and staying for supper. usually he is let back out where he wants to go and comes home when he feels like it.  this vagabonding behavior is one of the reasons he has not been offered for adoption, he is most certain to get killed by a coyote or a car in another location, if he doesn’t just Incredible Journey himself right back here. Most animal rescue outfits preach confinement for cats, however there are always the heretics and scoundrels.  I have this routine with Animal Control, whenever one of my outdoor guys has been missing for an uncomfortable period, usually over 36 hours, I call and leave a message; and as soon as I do that they magically appear. the ACO and I have been playing that game through 4 cats now.  This time I had faxed all the likely locations, placed an ad in print media and spent $15 dollars on laminated posters for the neighborhood, before I found him. He’d been rescued from a backyard about 9 blocks away and had been re-labeled ‘Louis’ and deposited in a cage at the MSPCA. Apparently his med records were wrong and he actually DOESN’T have a microchip under his skin. So that is definitely in his immediate future.  This time he was inside for 23 hours this time before the little bastard tore a cat size hole in the screen door and went outside to do his business.

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