trashing your customers

I think I will just plug Redbull into an IV and give up trying to sleep altogether. Just when I think I get a day to myself to curl up with my PC, I get dragged off into another direction and No, herself is STILL in the rehab but she must be feeling better the 1st thing she did yesterday was berate me for god knows what. Anyway i took out my frustration and kicked up a little shitstorm on the Bibliophile list – I baited one of those people who is new to the business but thinks they don’t actually have to learn a trade to practice it. She was such an easy mark, ain’t I a stinker?

My argument in a nutshell: don’t send your household trash to your customers.

Like anyone with any sense I think we should recycle everything we possibly can, however there IS a limit to what KIND of recycling is appropriate, a concept some people can’t seem to abide. When using recycled materials to package and ship your books, don’t use household waste – it is unprofessional and a mite distasteful.

Food product boxes CAN be recycled just NOT inside a box with a book you are shipping to a complete and total stranger. Aside from having a hint of Fruit Loopy odor can also contain bugs and bug eggs, and don’t even BEGIN to tell me they don’t. When’s the last time you were out in a grocery warehouse?

Shopping bags, I mean .17 mil plastic t-shirt bags which we shouldn’t even use in the first place, are not appropriate packing material either. YOU may think they are clean, but the customer doesn’t know YOU, they don’t know you are looking out for their welfare. For all you know they could have a peanut allergy and you could be a peanut fiend. The bags could have held food stuffs and have nascent germs on them. Customer’s shouldn’t have to worry that you are sending them something icky.

Printed boxes are NOT the same as double walled corrugated shipping cardboard. The boxes that THINGS come in, toasters, DVD players, Ipods, these boxes are meant to be INSIDE shipping cartons – they can be used in small pieces as corner bumpers but NOT used instead of a real live honest to god BOX.

“But I have never had a complaint” so effing what? just because they don’t complain doesn’t mean than what you did was acceptable. A customer should open a box with a book, any book, and feel that you took time and effort to pack the item well and make sure it go to them in the same condition you advertised. They should not feel you just pulled stuff out of the waste basket to fill the box. And YES i have gotten REAL household trash mixed in with packing materials – i have gotten books packed in toaster oven boxes – I have gotten them wrapped with nothing but shopping bags and packing tape. and You can bet your ass I never bought another item from those people.

These materials can certainly be used in and around the home. If we didn’t have shopping bags, what would we scoop poop with? But if you are using household waste products to pack and ship your book, you are not making enough money from bookselling to justify continuing. Hang up your spurs and find another hobby – you are making us all look bad.

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