There are 47,000 people in Methuen…and only 7 of them showed up yesterday for the official river cleanup day. To be fair there is no reasonable and rational way to contact everyone in Methuen unless you want to spend five grand to do a postcard mailer, i don’t think that is reasonable nor rational. But the folks who did show up to clean Methuen with me did a good job…i guess..i was out in the river pulling up stuff for them to bring onshore. I got a TV, an orange highway barrel, the obligatory tire and a lot of plastic stuff. Lifetime score is two TVs, 2 Highway Barrels, and an untold number of tires. OF course we ended up using my truck as a garbage scow, and i just made it to the dump before they closed for the day. Needless to say i had to scour myself and take a nap.

I woke up ravenous… i had been broke most of the week but one of my payments came in so I nipped off to the Grocery store to restock my larder. Funny I would have imagined veganism to be cheaper than other diets, perhaps i’m doing it wrong, but in America food that is good for you is more expensive than food that is bad for you, go figure. I have figured out what I am doing with this animal protein abstention program…i am trying to reprogram my brain, so that when i do get the munchies my brain will say “let’s eat the banana”, instead of “Let’s go through the drive through and get a shake and some mcnuggets and dunk em!” so you can see the end goal is legitimate. I think I am getting there, I don’t feel likely to run out and get mcnuggets anytime soon, though i have some of the vegan ones in the freezer for when i lose the argument.
Since i was gone most of the day I was punished, both dogs made me regret not taking them and tying them to the back of the truck while i was in the river. Laurel made me regret leaving the house entirely…i don’t know how many calories are in a remote control, but I am certain that the Iphone charge cable had very few.

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