trucking hell

Send your vehicle to the shop for a few days.
That’s where mine is….

I left the house on Saturday morning to get to the New Hampshire Rail Trail Coalition Meeting…and somewhere around mile 30….the engine cut out and I had to get towed back. I hadn’t renewed my AAA but you get a 15 days grace period..but it doesn’t matter..after the 1st couple of miles you pay $3 a mile..(unless you have their Prime – but since i work out of the house this isn’t cost effective) So i get the truck towed back…for $78 and there is exactly $79 dollars in one of my accounts. The rest were empty.

My garage guy thinks he knows what’s wrong with it…and it’s about $400 – he’s a nice garage guy…he’s fixing it anyway even though he knows i don’t have it yet..he knows i will pay him eventually. that’s very nice of him.. the last garage guy that did that for me was the one i was sleeping with after my divorce.

Of course the best way to get moving on all those projects left unfinished regardless of how little money they will earn…is to send your car to the shop and not have the money to fix it. I had been hanging onto a Pentex 110 camera set up..and NOW that Lomo makes the film again it has value….I threw it up on Ebay at a price to sell it as quick as possible for as much as possible. If one breaks up the set it is worth more pieced out.

It sold quickly and before the money was warm in the Paypal account I had someone drive me to spend some of it to get enough cat food to last until the truck comes back home…i hope.

and as the universe hasn’t finished fucking me over yet..
the customer IMMEDIATELY got buyers remorse and wanted to cancel the sale… then I had a serious panic attack. I told them it would take a while as i had to earn the money i spent on groceries back. I immediately relisted the item…i was hoping it would sell quickly again, so that i could afford to repay the 1st guy…meanwhile i called ebay and asked if i HAD to reverse the sale..they said no. but then it’s ebay and Paypal…they will always in the end let you down…by the time i got back to the email…the customer had changed his mind yet again… so i am out of the woods. for now. never trust that things will go your way.

Meanwhile I am going through the piles of crap i have laying around waiting to be listed on either amazon or ebay..and lowered prices of things already listed. I earned about 100 bucks on top of that..but still not enough …i have the car insurance and AAA to pay ontop of the regular bills…type type type…

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