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I have a bag fetish. Always have. Lucy had hats, Imelda had shoes, I have bags . . . and backpacks and satchels etc… Last night I stumbled on this little number in a scrap book store. I am still undecided about its overall usefulness. The pockets are shallower then what I would expect, being used to Craftsman tool bags of the same ilk. But then this has a little drawer underneath which I found very nice for pokey things which would be dangerous to have sticking out. scrapbag1
It isn’t that I very much need a completely portable book repair outfit, but I keep clearing things off my work table, stuffing them into the drawers and then having to dig them all out again. Ideally I should have a ‘workbench’ set up with things hanging from the walls, but I have a big ass window instead which I prefer.

Anyway, I will play with it a while and see if it lives up to its potential. ON the side you can’t see there is a lengthwise zippered pouch, which I still haven’t filled. I did leave a message with the manufacturers, I’d like to know how much it would cost to stock them. I just never understood ‘scrapbooking’ as a verb. Most of the hobby involves buying tiny expensive things and pasting them into books that you just give away. Doesn’t seem to be much ‘scrap’ involved.

You know I just posted about it so i could rationalize BUYING it in the first place.

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