trust no one.

If you haven’t seen Clooney’s paean to Edward R Morrow :Good Night and Good Luck, but in lieu of that there is a 4 DVD set The Edward R. Murrow Collection, which has marvelolus documentaries of the man including much of his groundbreaking journalism. When I was a youngster I was fascinated by journos of all stripes – especially photojouralists and combat reporters – I read every biography I could get my hands on. Murrow, Margaret Bourke White, Frank Capa, Dickey Chappell – I grew up with the thought that all journalists were required to have that sort of grit and integrity, the same ‘right stuff’ that flashed with the Woodward/Bernstein high watermark of the post of the 70s. Since I have grown greyer – I have become a bit of a slave to NPR – when I do taste what other news mediums have on tap, I always rush back to Mamma Radio. The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc…. still do due diligence in protecting the public’s interest in knowing the momentary facts of things: ” What is our government lying to us about and when did they start doing it?” But I have sworn off listening to anything uttered by a politicians, pundits, press releases. We have seen a slow creep in the manipulation of the media thru fear, intimidation and corporate control. We can no longer trust that this thing called ‘NEWS’ is actually real truth or a convenient facsimilar thereof. Everything is questionable and we should question everything. It’s our right and our responsibility. And if we don’t we are commiting a crime equally heinous as the original deception.

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media – Noam Chomsky
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