truth AND consequences

. . .and you thought the James Frey fiasco was an aberration. After years of staff downsizing, eliminating editors and staff checkers from the payroll – publishers seem to be having a spate of personal fantasies making it to print as Truth. I guess truth really IS subjective.

It seems Love and Consequences, a madcap tale of gang life in LA is

Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, a story of a girl who ran with the wolves to escape bigger badder wolves is actually a fantasy of a 71 year old Misha Defonseca.

Is it that people, publishers and editors included really CAN’T tell the difference between truth and fiction or are they especially gullible? or perhaps just perhaps….because the bottom line in publishing is coughing up blood they have learned not to look too closely into anyone’s tale of woe, because really most people’s lives are essentially boring and do not make good reading material.

What is it they say? Once is coincidence, twice is happenstance, three times is enemy action. So who is the enemy and what is there goal? I blame Oprah and Maury and Dr Phil all all those other daytime assholes who for twenty years have coaxed people into American living rooms to pretend their lives are exciting, and tragic and meaningful. Basically Henry was right, the mass of men DO lead lives of quiet desperation. And these days they aren’t being so quiet about it. Lured by the bestseller payday, everyone is striving to be more outrageous and more tragic than the next guy.

Anyone who thought a child could live with real wolves and not get eaten, deserved to be fooled – and Riverhead publishing doesn’t deserve much sympathy, when all it takes is a couple of phone calls to verify even the most basic facts. I am sure both books make engaging reading but what the hell is so wrong in labeling FICTION as fiction? Andy was wrong, eventually everyone will be on Oprah.

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