trying something new

yes i am screwing around with the site. this blog is basically my scratch pad where i try out different things before i take them elsewhere. The paycheck from the census i got on Monday is gone. but before it went I spent $70 on a new WooCommerce Theme call CANVAS where absolutely every aspect can be altered. the one on SicPress works, but it is just NOT very flexible. it was free what do you want. I spent money on the plugins that make the site WORK. So the site works okay but it doesn’t look as good as i wanted it to. I have looked at a lot of WP themes and a lot of Ecommerce themes…but i haven’t seen any i wanted to actually purchase. they are all more cutting edge and less traditional. When i read about Canvas I figured it was the one i needed…and it would be usable on many more than one site, but by tweaking them …it would never look like the same theme. So i installed it here, though as yet i sell nothing here, it means i am not really going to break anything. So far I like it. I am working my way through the options starting with the layout options.

It started raining overnight…the weather has broken seriously well. unfortunately i still haven’t gotten on the road for any census hours…i ACTUALLY got dressed and left the house when the rain stopped. I got gas and then it started to rain again heavily. So I came back and put my efforts into improving the websites by learning Canvas…i paid 70 bucks for it, i need to figure out how it works and implement it. I am shooting for the end of August. PERSONALLY i have chosen the end of August to use MAILCHIMP to send out emails to all my customers inviting them to the NEW ….I also want to have all the products in stock…as well as a few new the knives…and today I found a couple of magnifiers i would carry if given the chance. but it doesn’t look promising …without the Census hours to pay for that… restocking isn’t possible. if it’s not raining or 100 degrees tomorrow i MUST get out and get back on the horse. Meanwhile I need to figure out how to drive this thing.

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