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I don’t need another blog, i can’t feed the ones i have. didn’t we already establish this? yes …and no. Tumblr.com seems to be a blog option for people who don’t really blog. Technically it’s a microblogging application. It has a lot of power in a very simple application. If you have a very use for such a thing, it can be a delightfully easy problem solving tool. If you wanted to load JUST podcasts to the web, or just your video blog, it is ideal, heck you can also do a photoblog, or a combination of any of these – just like BIG super duper blogging applications, but it’s stripped down version, just the heart of the matter.

From what I gather many folks use it because it’s easy to blog from your hand held device and then have it cross post to twitter or vice versa. If there is something Tumblr excels at it’s accessibility. You can blog from an app, you can text or email your blog post to it, and supposedly you can call it in as an audio file, though I haven’t got that last one to work yet.

I have a cell phone but no dataplan, as yet I am just too cheap to spend another 30 dollars a month. But I did spend 5 bucks a month for texting, usually i just use google calendar to send myself reminder texts or trade texts with a few people. I hadn’t as yet started sending tweets consistently, my life just isn’t that interesting. It still isn’t – what i find interesting is the device and the apps. No matter how old I get i am still a sucker for new toys.

Right now, I can send blog posts from my cell phone directly to this WordPress blog, but they would be mixed in with my other posts and generally are quite shorts with ugly cellphone pix. I had this bright idea to create the tumblr blog and then embed it INTO this blog on a page of its own (look for tab marked semi-live feed.) So if I were to do something blog worthy, it would appear on that page. I haven’t actually figured anything further than that, so I just have those posts cross post to Twitter. I don’t use that for anything interesting either but here’s hoping.

I am going to try all it’s ‘goodies’ the audio, the video etc.. perhaps something will click.

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