tweaky tweaky fixy fixy

sicpressyI don’t know what i was thinking the 1st time I overhauled  I think I was stuck trying to recreating the previous html page using WordPress, so I tried to shoehorn it into a theme that wasn’t designed for it. Obviously making more work for myself, if I had just started from scratch it would have looked better and I wouldn’t be doing it again. The theme I stumbled on for this site looked so good, (well I think it looks good) even I couldn’t eff it up, so I decided to bookend them. I did find it is easier to work on more sites during the day if they are all using the same software. As I get older I have become a bear of very little brain. I still have some image tweaking to do, Word Press themes reflect the designer and thus come with all kinds of defaults you either live with or spend eternity trying to weed out.  Sicpress has some image display issues which I seem to be more than happy wasting my entire day fiddling with.  Crikey….me in a manic mode with at least one Redbull in me?  I may end up getting a lot of crap done today.


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