a friend of mine is experiencing the wonder that is her 50th birthday and as i discovered on my 30th birthday, you may not WANT an actually happy fucking birthday party, you also can’t let it go unacknowledged trust me that kinda shit will fester.

so i came up with the idea of doing an ‘unbirthday’ party for those of you who didn’t read Lewis Carroll – an Unbirthday Party is according to the mad hatter any party that happens on a day that isn’t anyone’s birthday – or ‘any reason to have a party’ party.

don’t worry she doesn’t read this blog, the dinner party next Saturday, she knows about already, just the details are a secret.   my ideas are completely deconstructionist….. i am going to make a chocolate layer cake….something with raspberry jam in the layers served upside down along with a hammer..still need to find a hammer. I figure she can smash it up and we can mix in some coolwhip and pudding to make a trifle.
the trifle along with a very mixed up salad will be served in 1.97 dishpans from walmart. We use them for washing surgical instruments at the spay/neuter rescue clinic, and it was about time to buy new ones anyway. for an entree i have an idea about a big bucket of chicken nuggets, chicken wings and chicken tenders all mixed up with the sign that it is a chicken dinner with some assembly required. hey..it was funnier in my head, but it’s finger food so that’s all you need to know.

I’m also requesting that people wear a hat of some sort, preferably something that makes them look silly. with me that isn’t hard, but i just thought it was an appropriate nod to the mad hatter – NOT a nod to those fucking red hatted – when i am old i shall wear purple wimmen. How is a crowed of women all wearing the same clothes in any way a celebration of anything aside from their uniformity.

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