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uncategorized i’m at that low point, where no money is coming in and the bank balance is well….isn’t. I do have paying work to work on, but my panic attack is distracting me. So i am poking around at my MINT.COM account hoping if i keep hitting it with sticks, it will some how change the balance. Hasn’t happened so far. Even though I abuse it terribly I can’t recommend MINT.COM enough. The damn thing is FREE, which is highly unusual for anything from INTUIT the quicken/quickbooks people. between Mint.com and now Woocommerce i have finally gotten away from my 2004 quickbooks install. Cept I still haven’t found something that will generate purchase orders to vendors. still poking at that. But Mint.Com really is quite something…IF you remember to monitor your transactions to make sure they all get classified as something. As you can see for the past few years I have been ignoring simple little PAYOUTS to people via my paypal account. Luckily I keep all those transactions in a ‘purchases’ folder in my email. So slowly today i have been reclassifying things that were totally wrong… I should be VERY grateful I have reached that time in my life, where i eschew making decisions… (second time i used eschew today) I always go to a certain place to buy a certain thing, DODGE means dodge feed and grain which is for cat litter, not DODGE as in automotive, And all my walmart purchases are split between pet food and home repair supplies, that’s pretty obvious. A lot of quizzy looking POINT OF SALE purchases all turned out to be various gas stations which are really only listed by the street name. MOST ALL of my Paypal purchases are for shipping customer orders which is obviously deductible, cept for apparently 189 transactions I am working through at the moment. The only time things really get fuzzy is when i do direct purchases online through paypal, was the thing i bought clothing or books? was the book for resale or for me? or rather will i probably resell it? and so forth. The real reason i ended up with so many uncategorized expenses or incorrectly labeled transactions is that i LOATHE looking at my bank balance. Especially days like today when it positively echoes. I need to spend my last $20 on cat food. the adult cats can get by on dry, but not so the six kittens. It also sticks me behind a catch 22 eightball…i COULD go out and do some census hours…but i don’t have any money for gas to get me to the destination..and doens’t THAT suck. but by working on the Mint.com listings I get the actually FEELING i am working, without the actual profit….something i am truly used to.


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