unclutter bug

every so often i get sick to my stomach of all the STUFF i own, and embark on an uncluttering fit. If i am lucky I do a little everyday deriving inspiration from shows such as Clean House and Hoarders…and stopping by to commiserate at Unclutterer.com Discussion forums but for all the inspiration it comes right down to taking MORE out of the house than one brings in. i have not been acquiring much these last few years at all..but still I seem to keep finding stuff long forgotten about.

This summer’s Painting and plaster foray started in the bathroom and has extended to Frankenwall in the kitchen, and now the kitchen cupboards were targeted. I emptied all the pots and pans out and put back everything that looked like i MIGHT used t in the next year. Everything else went in a box or a trashbag. I made a large decision…to endow my favorite cookpot (Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Round French Oven) to someone else…i think i have decided whom to give it to. But it is still a big deal, this pot and I have been through a lot together, it is practically the only thing in the kitchen i care about. But alas I have not used it in a few years…not even a little. These days I reach for my 1.5 quart LeCeuset which i am not even sure they make anymore. It’s enough for me and a little extra, so i should send the big one to a family that needs it.

Next on the hit list are the plates and casseroles..i have enough to SEAT an army, but manage to only reuse 3 or 4 of them go figure. when I am done I hope to actually have some empty space in the cupboards..hmmm then i could go shopping again.

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