uncomfortable silence

brickdoor72when i revamped the website i swore i would not write when i was feeling blue. when that happens nothing good comes out of the keyboard it’s all whining and thoughts of self immolation. everyday i think of something clever to say and yet by the time i settle down to write it, those words have been disappeared under a swarm of black thoughts.

this last week has been especially bad for me. i had to appear for a traffic violation and that has not ended well, merely postponed. Even at my age the thought of something marring one’s ‘permanent record’ is enough to keep you in a fetal position under the covers for days.

as if i wasn’t already swimming in a sea made from my own self pity some lowlife cretin hijacked my google account. everyone screams about internal computer security when with google-topia being such a target rich environment, you’re just as likely to get violated from in front as from behind. up until that time i hadn’t actually realized how many googly tendrils i had wrapped around my work.

my stupidest human trick was having all of my emails run through gmail acct for easy retrieval on the fly, ergo any account password updates or security alteration notifications would immediately be seen by my new parasite; of course this thought panicked me no end.

btw, unless you are paying money for something, google is harder to reach than the late JD Salinger. . . I ended up sending 40 to 50 faxes and repeatedly submitting the appropriate form every few minutes for about 10 hours. Surprisingly, it took only 24 hours to regain control over my gmail. From what I can see, the villain’s goal was to insert google ads all over my blogger blogs. Which a paranoid person would assume meant that google is paying these assholes to poke around and knock over the furniture…but what do i know?

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