i traded trash with the neighbors one night…i was putting out a chair and they put out this dresser. it didn’t have anything really wrong with it. it does need a sand and paint, and one of the drawer braces was broken and basically popped back into it’s socket. i was going to put it on freecycle. it’s 16″ deep, i think it’s for a small child or baby. but it’s of a rather solid wood design and since it is so shallow…i have an idea for it.
I am trying to get a grip on my camera equipment, cameras, lenses, accessories, prints, frames and mats etc…my plan is to sand and spray this..i picked up a rustoleum paint/primer in gloss black. I have a bid in on some old fashioned clamshell drawer pulls…and today i picked up some rubberized shelf liner to line the drawers. Yeah gloss black sounds like I am asking for trouble, but i want it to look like real office storage and not just a co-opted baby dresser.
I feel an Instructable coming on. I will take pictures as I go with my new camera. I still have to finish redoing my ‘office’ and haven’t found a spot for it yet – but it’s a damn sight smaller than some of the workbenches i am getting rid of.

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