I’m tired, I just spent many fringer cramping hours earning my keep 2 long hours from my happy little hovel, I’m tired of this intermittent snow crap, either give me 2 feet or keep it, but mostly I am sick up to my ass of people who pretend to be booksellers – and the biggest irony of them all is that the plug the words ” FINE BOOKS” after their name like it means something to them.

Obviously the words “FINE BOOKS” have no meaning to these cocksuckers, cause if it did, they would indeed attempt to SELL such items. Now to be fair, and you know I always try to be – this book that came today already had bumped corners and a few other problems, but it would be nice if they could PRETEND they give a fuck about selling the book in the condition it was advertised no worse. I mean seriously WHO out there really thinks a 2 pound 12″ tall book can travel safely through the US postal system wrapped in something thinner than a slice of toast?

But now I have a conundrum, to me the book is still work what I paid, as it was bought for the contents, but should I return it on general principle? In the spirit of fairness which is what I am all about, I would actually just like my SHIPPING refunded as that was the part of the transaction that was lacking. In my mind’s eye this book was not shipped in any acceptable manner, it was very lucky that it wasn’t raining or that my mail carrier has several working brain cells. [actually to make it easier I swapped my mail box for an old metal milk box, it is much larger and holds parcels] If this book had been damaged in delivery I probably would have used many more blue words. What say? let’s see if I can get a refund for just the shipping. I will post the responses.

I tell you there is nothing finer to bring me out of my blue funk then tearing someone an new anal orifice.

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