unfinished business

canonscanner Just in case the universe does give me exactly what i want this time… i still need to finish up a lot of local research I have on the boards…i certainly am not driving all the way back here to scan something especially considering the merrimack valley titles don’t sell very well..practically at all. But I can’t just walk away from stuff undone…well i could but it would really big me and i can’t have that.

I built a website last week for a friend, and she was feeling extra generous so she paid me about twice what I was expecting…and as we all know i can’t be trusted with money…god forbid i pay bills with it….i DID pay a couple, then i finally ordered this $50 Canon portable scanner which has been on my Amazon wishlist for like 2 years. The Methuen library doesn’t have scanning capabilities though all the other area libraries do…and from a quick glance neither did Greenfield. Nice little history room but not fancy from what i could see. So i rationalized buying this puppy and a new roku player…to be honest i was a little drunk at the time.

First i have to go to the library and request that they pull out the things I need to scan and then wait for them to retrieve it…the local stuff is all in storage and from what i have been told i am the only one to request any of it.   Go figure.  at every comparison these days Methuen comes up short.

I am toggling back and forth between Merrimack Valley publications and Greenfield ones. This will make things a little easier.


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