2014-04-25 09.25.24 I must be in a much better mood…I have taken to cooking again. Lately teasing the rice cooker into doing things it wasn’t meant to be doing. That was a failed popover/yorkshire pudding but in my opinion a superior product by far. It’s not the same radiant heat you need to get the browning and crispness…which was fine with me. Hence the brown bread and corn breads came out nicely…i think the next experiment will be a bread pudding.  Perhaps i will make a long term project out of it…. of course the world needs another rice cooker cookbook, cause the seven that exist aren’t cutting it. Let me add that to the list of unfinished projects hidden up inside my Evernote account…along with the coffee brandy cookbook…which is creeping higher on my list every day…i think they sell it in gallon jugs in Maine…along with about 3 or 6 other books i have started writing and put aside for various reasons.

Actually finishing some of those books,  is on my TO DO list after I move. Looking at the itty bitty royalty check i get every month for the books i have finished, it’s obvious i make more money for original content than for books by dead people.  And my mission will be to set up a lot of passive income for when I become even less productive than i already am…see kiddies? this is what happens when you don’t plan for your future, because you always expected to be dead by now.wirerack

A year ago I had a plan to install a spinny rack in the local farm store to vend the two dozen local interest books that I churned out over the last few years.  But alas, being doubly broke after last summer’s census job fiasco, i didn’t have the cash to buy the rack for $130 and stock it with $400 worth of books in the hopes of making $2 every time one of them sells.  yes i know it’s a piddling amount, what am i greedy? The theory was that if i finally have the money to invest in these projects, then it will pay me back down the road…at least that’s what i told myself when i did it.

Six years ago i was wondering why the hell no one in the town had converted the abandoned  rail road tracks into a rail trail...that’s generally how i pick up projects, I get it into my head to go rip someone a new one for not doing it already…And after a year or so of nagging and pestering the powers that be, I picked up some followers, who really did a lot of the work work, my job was realy tool pusher…nipping at the heels of anyone with a government job who should be furthering the project.  This week the state announced it is going to  cough up a half a million dollars to finish what I started. Damn nice of them i think.  It took an unreasonably long time to get the municipality to invest in the project, it took years of fancy dancing just to get the DPW to notice a bike trail had been build through the heart of the city.

Today I turned down another offer from another politician to have my picture taken while they handed me a useless piece of paper while we smile like someone just gave me money.  yeah..not going to happen, I did it once, because that politician had announced it without telling me, the last two were foolish enough to ask me first.  I keep pawning them off on other people in the group, which i know pisses them off.  I don’t really care, I’m not campaiging for anything, I turned that down too.    I got sick of movers and shakers, who don’t want to hear about a project until its almost done and they can take credit for it, and i got sick of local residents telling me the city should just build it and not bother them and  I got sick of civil servants who just want me to get out of their office.  There are far too few willing hands here, it takes all the fun out of getting shit done.  I got plenty of satisfaction in the doing, i don’t need my back patted.  I won’t be here to see the effect that a half a million dollars will have on the trail.  But I’m not hung up on that completion thing.


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