2014-04-14 12.10.05 A few years back when i had more disposable income, I actually took the time to print and frame a few of my images.  I had hung them up in the tenant hallway for safe keeping. That was about the time when i was repainting my kitchen which has the one wall in the joint capable of hanging frames – which means it didn’t have bookcases or wainscotting on it. Anyway, I left them up..not that they are any great works of art, but they are marginally more cheerful than blank walls. Mostly landscapes, some animal pictures and one portrait all in off the shelf mats and frames – total costs about $19 each. The new would be owners of the halls, walls and associated constructs have expressed their interest in the few bits and pieces of hallway furniture just for laziness sake. they didn’t ACTUALLy ask about the photos…we did joke about the cats going with the place, and i an certainly DOWN with that idea. But i am rather indifferent about the prints.

marion healed

My intentions are to give them away, aside from the portrait of my erzartz grandmother, none of them are worth the packaging for shipping. A 22″ glass and metal frame would need to be sandwiched between two pieces of corrogated cardboard and secured in plastic shipping tape, perhaps even having the corners reinforced – for each one of them…and THAT’s just to move them by hand myself, not entrusted to someone else’s handling. I have never managed to move quantities of framed items without losing one and the art usually pays the price not just the glass. And that’s for art i WANT to hang up – most of these are Local landscapes which may not have a place in the new house.

2014-04-14 12.52.07

A few times a year I get solicited for donations for charity art auctions… you give to them ONCE and you are on their list for ever….I  will usually donate one if I have the money to frame a replacement…but this year I told them just to come pick out the ones they want.  Of course they said they’d take them all, …well i’m not ready to give them ALL away to one organization. I think they can have 4 or 5,  the ones with wildlife I will be donating to the wild life rescue folks…i have some to donate the cat rescue people who have an auction in the fall…and so forth.

The only one I am going to take is the portrait of my fake grandmother..and even that i will take the print out of the frame… I have more frames….While i was cleaning the garage i found a handful of oak frames that had been squirreled away by my mother. Nothing in them, just old frames – all dirty and wretched….. she probably got them at a yard sale… i’m from a family of packrats. I put them in the shower and scrubbed them.   I will toss my Marion into one of those. She won’t mind she was fond of recycling.

2014-04-14 12.52.11 I have a few nice MAINE photos that I took eons ago…in fact i am told if you go to the new wing of the hospital in YORK Maine, you will find one of mine hanging there, i think i charged them $25 for it. But hopefully I will be shooting a lot more photos, and hanging those up. And since i don’t even have the walls to hang them on YET, i don’t know if all the sizes i have already printed will fit. So it is more better if i wait a bit, until all the painting and papering is done, and then decided on what frames get hung up where. I do know that I want to hang more art…more paintings by real people…so I will be keeping an eye out for such things… I can’t paint myself, but I do appreciate what others can do. it will be a hell of a struggle deciding what walls get bookcases and what walls get art – as any old bookseller will tell you… in a REAL old bookstore you will just find the art hung up in front of the books…now THERE’s A THOUGHT.

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