My weekend was both expectedly uneventful and filled with hideous carnage, all of which can be classified as non-profit.

There is a hoarding house cleanup going on and we agreed to take in about a dozen of these terrorized kitties into the Cat Sanctuary, so we cleaned the debris left by the previous occupants and replaced it with some heavy duty furnishings from my personal stash. This is where having a pick up truck comes in handy, however now that it’s leaking several different fluids it is getting harder and harder to maintain it for this sort of thing.

Sunday split right down the middle between cleaning a section of the Rail Trail for the benefit of a Boston Globe photographer – btw ..MY GOD IN 2D I LOOK AS BIG AS A HOUSE!…and being kidnapped for what turned out to be an endless meeting featuring demonstrations of products that are sold out of one’s living room. (not MY living room of course.)  I could have just stayed home and consumed my own cold pizza and warm soda while indulging in some DIY trepanation.


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