okay okay let me say here and now…i APOLOGIZE unreservedly to all the sneak thieves in the world…none of you broke into my crappy truck or my crappy house to take my crappy mud stained binoculars and my even crappier-once-fell-in-the-river-camera. I must confess I have become…wait for it……my mother.

Whenever something was missing in the house…’someone stole it’ i could never imagine we had anything worth stealing to begin with, never mind the tv remote control or the box of whatever it was that someone allegedly ‘stole’

I did however forget to empty my panniers on my bike from the last time i used it. One side i have lined with a insulated backpack and still contained my waterbottle and blue ice thingy and the other side had my camera bag and my binocs a well as my birding books and 1st aid kit. So mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa to all the people who DIDN’T take my gear.

Now it has taken me all morning long to find the charger for the boat battery, by the time i get out on the spicket, i won’t need either the camera nor the binocs..maybe someone stole it?

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