Stores are starting to pay for all that heavy stock of all things harry, recently I have seen Harry in every possible type of store: drug stores, grocery stores, quickie marts . . .and everywhere the price is plummeting. Why you may ask?…or maybe not. Everyone and his brother bought HP7 by the case at heavy discounts so they could pass that on to the consumer, yet the catch is they are unreturnable merchandise. Now that sales have dried up, stores are trying to get him out, to make room for holiday merch.

BTW – Someone sent me an anonymous note, saying that they won’t read the blog anymore since it’s all ‘woe is me crap’ and that I have brought it all on myself. Well . . . let me say this about that . . . .’who really gives a shit?’ You think I get paid for this? I have been a bookseller of one form or another for 28 years, and I have never worked harder to make a living – and blogging doesn’t pay anything, it is a HOBBY. READ THAT? hobby. Something I do for fun – at the end of the day if I find it a chore it doesn’t get done. So, yeah like all other folks trying very hard to make a living flogging books on or off then net, I get fed up . . . and I vent. The book trade is not all joy and truffles – sometimes it SUCKS. And that’s what separates true booksellers from the new dilettantes, we KEEP AT IT EVEN WHEN IT SUCKS. So, if you don’t want to read, fine. Fuck off. Your or anyone else’s presence makes no difference to what I write or how often.

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