photo (2) I should apologize to the four readers out there……but then i’d have to apologize for the two voices in my head and that’s just way too much guilt all at once. Monday i DID meet with not only one lawyer, but she brought a friend, so that’s TWO lawyers and then the broker had another one call me  – .what’s the collective noun for lawyers? even the Guardian readers can’t agree.   Lawyer#11 brought another lawyer from the same firm who actual had met me at some non profit thing, so that makes her lawyer 11.5 and the other guy whom i had to say thanks but stick around will be henceforth known as Lawyer#12 if i should need him – where the hell was he 9 weeks ago?

In short Lawyer #11, is of the XX persuasion and spent no time at all contacting my brother and asking WHAT THE FUCK GOES ON? or words to that affect. Himself’s response was that he was waiting until he rented out the empty apartment before he puts it on the market, so there is no pocket listing. but then again, we just lost the NEW, new tenant on the second floor because her boyfriend moved in and they wouldn’t let Himself run a credit report on him.   So they packed up and left which puts us back with TWO empty apartments out of seven or THREE if you count mine. Himself is NOT the smartest tool in the shed…just a tool. He doesn’t GRASP that investors at that level don’t give a shit of the building is fully rented, this isn’t a triple decker tenement…these folks have entire management companies that can shove people into empty apartments, no problem. All that breaks down to is that MY LIFE IS ON HOLD BECAUSE HIMSELF IS PRETTY MUCH A DICK.

Myself and the voices are in total agreement….we have no idea what the fuck gets done next.   I like plans, lists, deadlines…i FUCKING HATE PLAYING LIMBO.    Sales have dropped off shockingly, and my ear is really not all that better, i’m going to have to do something about it, i have missed a few 5AM substitute teacher calls merely because i can’t hear the damn phone ringing.

THE ONLY thing I have on my dance card right now is to sell the Scotty Trailer.    I spent a few days talking to the Scotty Collectors group and the consensus is that i could get as much as seven thousand for it since the 1976 travel trailer is as close to show room quality as you are likely to find in 2013.   But since i am just desperate and lazy i will sell it to the 1st person who offers me five thousand for it. I have put about 150 photos online and so far have had two folks take a tour and they both agree it’s worth more than 5K. One of them is actually interested but he has to bring the misses over this weekend to be sure.


Five thousand doesn’t sound like a hell of a lot,  but considering what i live on, it should carry me fine until the house sells. Lawyer#11 has told Himself that my heat needs to be paid for through the house account. I certainly didn’t plan on being here through another heating season…fuck we made the decision to sell what? three months ago? We should be fielding offers by now. Yes i know if it was a residential home it could be on the market for a year or more, but it’s not – it’s a big fucking monster property, and those don’t stay on the market long.   He hasn’t responded to anything yet, not even the broker’s request for a meeting.   Something tells me he really wasn’t as prepared to sell as he has been pretending.

I didn’t get anything accomplished this week at all, I can feel myself sliding into depression merely from boredom.  I DID manage to find a great resource for learning electronics at the library, Simon Monk’s Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists.   It ties in with the website SPARKFUN.COM which also sells kits which surprisingly syncs up with the book and the illustrations in the book. Since I can’t yet afford to buy anymore supplies, I picked up a couple of cheap radio alarm clocks at the thrift store and spent a few hours practicing Desoldering. I really should have done this back when I was twelve and could still see the small bits of things.   I need to buy one of those knitting magnifiers that rests upon one’s bosom.  Recycling is right up my alley, I can save up some chips, leds and diodes for later use. One of the voices reminded me that i really should be working on some form of WORK… the other voice and I wrapped her mouth up with gorilla tape and shoved her in the corner to scoop litter boxes.

It was warm out today…the autumnal warm weather,  the leaves skittered across the hot top and the sky can only be described as ‘threatening’.  The sort of weather that Ray Bradbury used to write about where mystery and danger lurks just outside of the frame. A season where you don’t know what’s coming but you know its going to be scary and bigger than life and there’s fuck all you can do to avoid it.

photo (3)

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