true confession: i like shopping off the net, big surprise. i will never just go to a store and buy the 1st thing i find anymore. like everyone else i don’t want to waste my money buying something i may have to replace too soon. And i really detest going into a big box store to buy something i can have delivered to my home for less than i’d spend on gas money, cause i hate the big box stores and that i never find what i want in them. aside from looking things up on review sites, i do have a fondness for some of the blogs that recommend items just because they don’t suck.

Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools is almost an institution. What entertains me a lot is when he writes about something i already own. In the last two years the blog blew up big and now covers hundreds of products which don’t suck.

Recently Jezebel blog has started doing a daily recommendation called Worth It for things..not neccessarily products, which don’t suck. I discovered Bromer’s Castille Soap using that blog, and a couple of other useful products that i didn’t know existed.

Since I have my heart set on an external hard drive i was poking around and discovered which does the same for an assortment of technology.  I was pleased to find out that the drive i had my heart set on was one of the better buys out there. Unfortunately i now have a list of toys i can’t afford nor really need but i know they don’t suck.




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