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Using this Consumerist Morning Deal post
I followed it to Amazon and ordered the Black and Decker Quick Press Iron.

It arrived 12/27
and had scratches underneath and was obviously used.

When I called and got their India sales people I was only on a few minutes, they didn’t even question it
they just ordered a replacement and sent me an RA tag

The 2nd iron arrived today 12/31/07
This iron is used as well – this one has water in it.

I went round and round with the girl from India, April for about 60 minutes, being put on hold 8 times.
April seems to have been taught to parrot back the same 3 lines.
“okay, but for now”
“we can investigate that further”
“we cannot process a replacement twice.”
I counted she said them 15 times, no 16 as I type this.
I have been demanding to speak to a supervisor, so far I have asked 7 times and been denied.

They don’t seem to ‘get’ that selling used items as new is illegal
and that of course you can process it twice, or twenty or a zillion until I actually get what i ordered.
My frustration paid off as I was cut off while being put on “hold” again.

then i tried
and got connected with Debbie from West Virginia
Who was in total agreement that I can get a replacement for this used item.
I also got put on hold, but eventually Debbie got authorization for a replacement and a RA Tag.

Pray tell me why I had to go through 65 minutes of lying from India,
when the problem could have been solved in a 7 minute domestic phone call?

j. godsey
14 pleasant st
methuen, ma 01844

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