useful, meaningful or beautiful

2014-02-25 19.41.41 Yes a few of my friends have managed to kick my self indulgent whiney ass. People who only know me as having huge brass ovaries, don’t understand why i become a frightened child whenever my brother bullies me, even by remote control. No, nothing has changed, i just sort of hit rock bottom in my depression and bounced. I have myself a little cry everyday…sometimes it lasts all day, but not everyday.

To relieve some of the stress, I went back to turning what little energy I have into a sort of reverse nesting thing. Since I don’t have a new house to worry about, i started fiddling with this one. I culled more of my ‘stuff’ out of my life,not just furniture but a large quantity of DVDS…and i mean a scary amount. It seems i have been running a large deficit this month, so in order to make ends meet, I sold most of my dvd collection. Picking and choosing which gets to make the trip and which don’t. Same criteria with anything else i can lay my hands on. To paraphrase designed William Morris: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Somehow I tossed Meaningful in there someplace.

The clothes closet has been culled and searched so many times, I actually had to go back to the thrift store for a replacement for my jersey cardigan because i think i donated mine by accident. While I was there today I grabbed a jersey cardigan and a cedar wardrobe…after freecycling the bookcases that had once held my dvds, there was an empty spot in the living room. And my blanket and bedding collection has outgrown my cedar chest, so when i saw it has been reduced to a ridiculous $49 i went into rationalization overdrive. Don’t let the picture fool you, the finish looks like a terrible dog outside, with water stains and alligatoring but the inside is actually rather nice. So i’m going to sand it and paint it, -the inside needs sanding anyway.

Since I have been getting rid of more stuff, i am actually looking forward to getting rid of even more and seeing just how little I can move with. To get used to the idea I have been turning to the Reddit forums …there are forums for everything including Minimalism, Decluttering, Hoarding, HomeImprovement, LowImpactLifestyle, SimpleLiving and SmallHouses, lots of moral support and

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