This is the vacant lot on the corner…which used to have an historical building on it, but as my town is known for its destruction through neglect, alas it is no longer there. The company who owns the property stopped mowing the lawn as soon as they knocked down the building. It’s been annoying the crap out of me..not the weeds so much as they are actually some attractive wildflowers in my opinion…its the Red Sumac weed trees that really send me into space. these grow 10+ feet a year..or faster in my opinion…those ugly trees are a sign of neglect and abandonment…they say ‘we gave up, we don’t care how the town looks’ Anyway, I snuck out the other night and lopped down everything that was over my head cept the evergreens, and every sumac i could see. there’s a LOT of streetlight cast off, you can practically read a book there.

Reportedly they have sold the land, who knows perhaps we’ll get another drive through sumthin of other we don’t need, but at least the weed trees are gone.

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