I started writing posts in my head several times the last couple of days, but i never had enough time to sit and t ype.

Monday was typical busy day, starting off with a meeting at Merrimack Valley Planning Commission where I had to carry the load for the lack of participation from the powers that be in the City. I spent $26 of my bucks printing all the materials that i was bringing in: 35 pages of Rail Trail Information Documents and 14 pages of open space spreadsheets etc (the fact that I am being brought into assist on a project THIS important to the city, should frighten more people)

Then I booked it over to the Spay/Neuter clinic two hours late but I saved some time by making the Pittbull wait in the truck during the meeting. She was disappointed i didn’t bring her inside. Laurel got fixed later that afternoon, opening up a 70lb pittbull and pulling out her ovaries looks just like you imagine it would and takes a bit of time. She spent the next day and half sleeping on my bed with that guilty look on her face.

Tuesday was one panic attack ontop of another, i emptied all my bank accounts and two donation canisters to make the gas company happy AND come home with one bag of dry food and one bag of litter. (the Laurel’s food is being provided by the Wolf Adventure) While I was trying to make all that happen, i found out abruptly that i was on my last vacuum cleaner bag – THAT put me straight over the edge. There are not a lot of things scarier than that. The day turned around by the time of the Rail Trail meeting I brought in a guest speaker to go over all the trail possibilities all over the city and that was probably the best meeting we have had in forever. I am still banging my head against the wall trying to get the Rail Trail built, and if people would just DO what I tell them to, everything would go swimmingly.

Today was a catch up day, I had planned on attending an ABAA seminar in Hanover but after yesterday the gas money would have been more than I could afford. But today has it ALL over yesterday, My new Warning Single Burner got delivered from Amazon. (yes i looked no one carried it locally so i HAD to have it delivered) Helpful hint which took me years to figure out…the $20 burners CYCLE, so it will only be hot enough to fry 1 egg, then the heat dies and you can’t cook anything else, they will not hold any sort of rolling boil and don’t even HOPE for a pressure cooker to work. I am hoping that this much more expensive model won’t cycle – I am sure all these concerns are to keep from getting sued.

The other item in the box was a manual food processor, which seems a little flimsy compared to the powered kind. I had received one with most of the parts missing from a relative, and found that it worked well enough for the few things i would use it for. So I pitched the old one and bought a new one as a reward for my third week of veganism. This won’t work on anything firmer than say a potato..i am not even sure how it will handle a carrot, but softwalled veggies like tomatoes, peppers and such are perfect for this baby. The attachments I hadn’t tried are the aeration/mixing blades and the little salad spinner. For $12 this may save me a lot of chopping time – my knife skills are very good, but it gets monotonous. I see a lot of soups in my future.

To balance out bringing more devices INTO the house I shipped two out. I made a present of my SwissMade Rapid Cork Puller to Don at Rabelais Books and I packed my Hoover wet Dry Hand Vac into a box and mailed it back to the manufacturer with nasty message. The damn thing WORKS as it is supposed to but it sucks or rather it sucks but it doesn’t work very well. the intake jams every 45 seconds or so, so you spend half your time swearing at it and end up pulling out the 40 year old Electrolux…thus I enjoyed spending the $8 to mail it back to Hoover Corp parcel post.

I have finally gotten to the bottom of my inbox, NOW I can get some work done…i have an article to edit and 50lbs of book deodorizer to pack and ship – not to mention litter boxes to clean….same shit different day.

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