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Pioneer_Valley_ma_highlight-e1304557444245 So far the only thing I am 80% sure of,  unless something better comes along…“unless something better comes along” – i need that on a t-shirt – the only decision I have made that i am comfortable with, is ending up in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts,unless something better comes along. I have my eye on the Greenfield/Deerfield area, which is horizontal across the state from me 1.5hrs straight down Route 2.

Unlike the Merrimack Valley, this one is known for still having actual bookstores. download Pioneer Valley Bookstore Pamphlet  Not to mention a large number of institutions of higher education I could never afford. I probably-may not-don’t exactly, THINK –  I will end up owning a bookstore of serious size……but I can’t resist the bookseller nature I was born with, so even if i end up with a non-commercial duplex someplace, i  could probably end up planting one of those FREE Library houses in my front lawn. LittleFreeLibrary061112

At least I have a targeted search area to look for a new nest. Since the weekend I have spent many deep dark hours examining the area through the lenses of Zillow  and Google Maps Street Level – I find a house listing then virtually tour  up and down the neighborhood.


Most streets are ridiculously familiar, it reminds me  that the architechural  geography in America changes subtly, not dramatically. Any of these streets from a town 100+ miles away, could easily be any of the towns near to me.

The only differences I can see, are the lack of street trash and graffiti,  and the increasingly larger tracts of farmland. In the MV, there are more hills breaking up the landscape, unless you get some elevation you can’t see very far, and even then you can only see until the next hillock. I live on a hill in a valley, and that valley has still another valley contained  in it. I was never content with the idea of moving someplace that suffered from excessive amounts of flatness. Even the pictures of Iowa and vast farms of Wisconsin make me slightly queasy, seasick even.

zillow copy The area inside the circle about 4 towns/townships etc. but is the confluence of that i liked. three rivers and as many major highways – all come crashing together. This place has a rich history that I can exploit with my local interest publishing venture. I still believe that the plan is sound, though I have found little enthusaism for it in this Valley, perhaps there will be more interest in another Valley.

At least I know what I am looking for…what I am looking at… Turns out I have dusted off a lot of the little grey cells in the back of my brain…My mother married a real estate salesan the second time around.. not exactly a Glen Gary Glen Ross player,  but a nice functional alky,  but since my teen years, I would read the Multiple Listing Publication cover to cover whenever I could get my hands on it. Who KNEW this information would sit percolating in the back of my head waiting to become useful, now.


  • Packed two large boxes of vintage photo equiment for donating to Film Photography Project, I will probably have another box or two to ship them. Don’t get me wrong, I am keeping my Canon Ae-1 outfit but i shoot nothing else film right now, so all the rest of the equipment can go away.
  • Sorted cardboard in the workroom for  – everything that isn’t necessary to set up shop elsewhere can get tossed. All those odd shaped recycled boxes can get tossed. ONLY regular shaped boxes need apply. TETRIS is essential experience for packing and moving. The regular and uniformly shaped boxes make filling and packing a 24 foot box truck piece of cake. yeah i know it was early thing to do, since all that stuff is essentially debris, but i need to start sorting things with a shovel, so can literally SEE what’s there and what isn’t.
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