Somewhere in the middle of the 2010 blizzard that drop two feet of snow on New England, my computer took on a life of its own.  It became inhabited by a hijacker form of virus…not that my computer was all that well to begin with, the power supply had been acting wonky so i had been leaving it on for extended lengths of time and this of course was BAD. yes I freely admit it, I left the barn door open and the virus folks slithered in.

So, i started running the Anti Virus programs that were already on the system, namely Spybot’s Search and Destroy and . Which did a noble effort stamping out adwares and cookie trackers, and a handful of semi deadly viruses but there was still no joy.   NOTE the thing about these Javascript based hijacking trojan things is that they redirect your browser, well the COMMON browsers like MIE and Chrome, making it damn near impossible to download MORE antivirus programs or even research the problem.  In a serendipitous act of laziness, I had left Mozilla’s Seamonkey browser on my system, which as a non descript and under the radar browser seemed immune to the hijacking. Allowing me to download Malwewarebytes, which made a valiant effort to remove every last piece of offending software that had crept into my system. However that was the last straw for the Power Supply which took that opportunity to give up the ghost.

During the longest  48 hours of recent memory, while my techs were breathing new life into my beast, my neighbor generously gave me an old chunky Sony Vaio from 2002; old and wizened as it is, it did manage to let me check my email and my dwindling bank balance.  Granted it took me 5 minutes to open, read and respond to each email, I did manage to slow my panic attack to a crawl.  Meanwhile my tech shop replaced the power supply, increased the ram and stomped out a few more viruses that they managed to find…all at no loss of data which is truly the scariest thought.

Late last night after trying to run a spay clinic without the actual schedule in hand (no internet service) I ensconced the PC back to its place of honor and spent the next 7 hours playing anti-virus whackamole trying to find that last hijacker that kept rerouting my Locator bar to places I didn’t want to go.  Using the stealthy Seamonkey, I managed to download still ANOTHER anti-virus program, HitmanPro3, which – KNOCK WOOD, so far has manage to purge my system of the last varmint.

So far today…more wood knocking, i have had control over my PC.   I have even been doing so deep dark cleaning within.    As for the Sony Vaio and its 10 year old software, after buying another256Mb of ram for it, I will be uploading Ubuntu on to it. Ubuntu, is one of those Linux Open Source operating systems not vulnerable to virus attack.  Seeing how that goes, I may start running that on my Desktop as well.  Nothing like closing the barn door after the moles have gone.

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