vegan pizza takeaway

Things i learned from two weeks of veganism…soy cheese performs the same function as plastic grass in an easter basket, it looks like it belongs but brings nothing to the party. And on that note…i figured out how to make great vegan pizza…i had been visiting a tumblr blog called Vegan Pizza Fuck Yeah and got inspired to do a make at home version using my regular pizza recipe and some soy cheese product..needless to say it put me off the concept. But I had a brain storm and handed a bag of shredded cheese looking soy product to my favorite pizza shop and they substituted it on a small pizza giving me free mushrooms in lieu of their own cheese. And voila! between myself and the visiting pittbull there was NOTHING left but the box afterwards.

Further exploration of substitute foods has taught me that coconut milk and soy milk may be cookable substitutes for milk but i won’t be drinking any of them straight anytime soon..yeah i had the same problem drinkin fat free milk too. I have always like the 3 or 4 Tofu recipes in my repertoire and now i am working on adding a few tempeh recipes..though tonight i am discovering that my anglo saxon digestive system isn’t on board with the project.

The only thing I have absolutely accepted for certain is that I hate lettuce. Iceberg, romaine, looseleaf…they all make me ill. For the last 40 years i have combined it with cheese and egg and doctored it up with creamy dressings but when served alone among other crispy edible veggies, it just won’t go down not matter how much I try. So I give up. I promise to eat my cucumbers, tomatoes, and all the other salad cast…but i am not going to be buying lettuce purely out of guilt. so there.

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