very small things

Funny, when the economy is bad you re-realize the joys of very small things. I spoiled myself and ordered up a couple of pairs of woolen socks. Sounds lame when i put it like that. Good woolen socks are hard to find in the real world. I find real world shopping intensely disappointing. Youdrive to three stores looking for an item so simple that one would expect it to be in the first place you look; but it never is. When gas is pricey it is much easier to rationalize online shopping, even when gas ISN’T 4 dollars a gallon, I prefer online shopping as I spend less money when I don’t go outside, reclusion does have an upside. And compared to the rest of my wardrobe eight dollar socks are relatively expensive.

I also splurged on a new mug for tea (now that even sounds lame to me. ) I had recently suffered a great loss when my favorite mug was suddenly introduced to the hardwood floor. When I was doing research for my ‘other’ blog, I stumbled on a possible replacement and decided I could not survive one more day without it.

As hard as it is to earn each and every dollar I feel guilt when I spend any of them on something as frivolous as a mug. But there is no amount of money that replaces the feeling of a warm cup of tea and woolen socks.

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