bar cardYesterday was a spay/neuter clinic day,  I spent the seeing that other people’s pets don’t make more pets for me to have deal with.

Today I wasted grabbing photos of local events for  my life has become one big non-profit.  I dropped a few  of my cards around town at the diviest of the bars.  Got one nibble, the place that happened to have a public stabbing a few months ago…oh joy.  One thing you can say about New England, we don’t have a shortage of bars.

I invented my first drink today…well it wasn’t rocket science, but it did tell me something, i now know WHY there are a billion and a half cocktail recipes out there…making up drinks is fun…however one really needs to try very hard to invent something new as there are a billion and a half recipes out there already…i decided my glass of Ginger Beer (which is basically  Ginger ale with more bite)  would look better dressed for the holiday, so I decorated it with 1/2 oz of grenadine, I would have gone full boat with a shot of peppermint schnapps but not with breakfast, so I just stuck a candy cane in it.  Someone else probably did this first and christened it something but i don’t know about it so it doesn’t count.

For dinner, a Toasted Almond: Amaretto and Kahlua with milk, a terrific way to fight calcium deficiency in my waning years, doncha thing?

Worth reading – Blogger Lauren Leto has a very creative post “Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author” one that i very much wish I wrote.  One day soon I hope this writing funk will fade and i will write something funny and original, until then I will have to write vicariously.

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