victoria woodhull's ass

I have tried to finish this post for three no FIVE days, for a misanthropic agoraphobe, I don’t seem to get much time to myself any more. When my phone rings, it is someone reminding me I am supposed to be somewhere else. And lately my misanthropy seems to know no bounds, I read somewhere once about how people go a little mad up in the far north when the ice floes breakup for the season. Something like that HAS to be going on here in New England, we had a visitation from our January Thaw Fairy and so far everyone I have interacted with lately has been surly, or pissed off in some major way. Sales clerks, waiters, family members, complete and total strangers, – I mean I am not being any more openly hostile to my fellow anthropoids than normal, I think everyone else is just gone bat shit crazy.

But then that just may be the chemicals that the secret government agencies of the present regime have been dumping into the water supply. Why do you think all those people still think Iraq had something to do with 911 and that Veep Cheney isn’t a white cat and and eye patch away from being a Bond Villain.

And yes I remembered to vote today, did you? The two things I can say about W that are good. 1, he makes all the past presidents look a lot better by comparison and 2 his facist, theocratic, spendthrift, warmongering has caused the political pendulum to swing WAYYY out where it hasn’t been before – we now have a man of color and a woman as credible viable candidates for president. somewhere Victoria Woodhull is laughing her ass off.

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