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I still have a few videos hanging around on my old youtube account… i don’t like any of them enough to migrate them. one of these days i will think about it, there has to be a way to migrate them from one acct to another and keep the view count. maybe not..but i did find a way to do it with my google blogger blogs, google docs and most recently with my analytics account..(obviously you add your new user as an admin, then go back and delete the original user)

I created a couple of videos about removing bandit signs and such and then shot this little minute of Corky being annoying. somewhere in my house i have an actual video camera…just like i have actual video editing software but its one of those things that since i don’t do it all the time, its too much effort to find the camera or install the software. kitten being cute, click the button on the what if it looks like hell..its cinema verité guys suck it up….

In the end i WOULD like to get better at it, I hadn’t uploaded anything to youtube in such a long time I never knew they had installed video editing app. Which made it much easier to do the 1st two. the kitten video was merely an experiment with adding music and annotations. each short video will be part of the learning curve. I fussed around with my youtube CHANNEL today… and discovered how i can avoid oversharing everything that i LIKE or FAVORITE with the world. I can’t think at this time how i can personally exploit it to make any money. But like everything else I learn how to use it JUST enough to solve a few problems.

The Wolf Adventure wildlife rescue has been rescuing animals left and right but they suck at self promotion, i have been nagging them to let me help. nothing is cuter than baby possums and squirrels, right? They have a chance to rescue another Wolf Hybrid coming up and I am trying my best to go on the pickup trip to shoot some video for youtube. that should be fun..not profitable for me..but fun none the less.

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