Video – Rehinging a cover

Here you go kiddies, the most requested video. How to reattach a single loose cover. Please note this cover is not completely detached, the hinge has merely come away from the text block and the front board is still part of the complete cover.

Obviously this repair would be temporary for any book where a restoration or recasing is worth doing. But it is certainly a good reversible repair to make a book salable and keep further damage to the cover and spine from occurring.

At a book fair recently, a fella showed me his first edition of Huck Finn where the cover had been reattached using a completely unacceptable method. Basically they just piled on the adhesive – to the point where the hollowback was sealed tightly to the spine – to reverse such an abomination involves a full restoration, and has made the book worse rather than better. So stick to things that can be undone whenever you can.

My latest video has pissed someone off. He doesn’t approve of my method and requests I take it down and basically i told him to bite me. For anyone who hasn’t figured this out, my methods are intend for inexpensive books that are not WORTH sending out to be professionally worked on. If you don’t like the methods don’t use them. I have seen much worse damage done to books of great value, than clumsily reattaching a cover on a $30 book.

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