view from sanatorium

I need my head examined…The regional camera club send out a notice for last minute submissions for a gallery show in January.   Yours truly got all ambitious and blew money I can ill afford on frames, mats and prints…(this is why i have not participated up till now) Once I work in these costs and deduct the nominal tithe to the camera club… I would have to sell all my pictures to make any money on this at all.

See? I need my head examined. I spent this morning picking out four of my photos that I disliked the lease AND would actually print nicely for matting and framing…some of my best photos need custom sized mats, which I really can’t afford. I guess I am using this occasion to give myself a kick in the ass on the entire idea of marketing my photos. I had been threatening to hang some at city hall and the library, but I have been too cheap to get them professionally printed. Perhaps its because once I consider trading my photos for money, I find them sadly lacking…and the most I think they are worth is perhaps a $2 copy shop color print. This isn’t the way to do this, I know.

I like showing most of photos to people, but i really don’t like to have them judged. When I look at them all I can see are the mistakes, when someone else does that I want to die.  I downloaded Google’s Picasa yet again  as I really need to organize my hard drives to sort out the decent photos.  A lot of the photos I have taken can’t be retaken easily, and to start picking them apart is akin to negating them altogether.  Surprisingly a lot of my photos are of buildings that don’t exist, or occasions when the lighting was EXACTLY right and I happened to be there.

I have gotten lazy in the last few years, sometimes i carry the damn camera around for a couple of days without snapping one frame…and this is digital which costs me nothing.  I started the tumblr MICROBLOG to push myself into taking more spontaneous unedited photos.  I am still trying to learn what the camera phone does well, but I am pleasantly surprised at the results.

When I was poking around the frame store, i spent 9 bucks on a poster of Starry Night….i don’t know why…a little voice told me to.

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