vintage Hermes

I found myself a few bucks ahead yesterday, so I took Herself to lunch and to buy some new sunglasses. They had told me she wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t gotten out of bed or eaten, but when I said the word ‘lunch’ and ‘out’ she recovered quite quickly. I rewarded myself; I hiked for an hour and shot 2 rolls of film today – it was only 86º. OK, so maybe that wasn’t the best idea, I should have done it when I woke up at 5, it was cooler then, but I was being lazy. On the bright side, I think I have a home for 3 of my kittens, well they used to be kittens. Cross your fingers.

Meantime check this out:

Found on ABEBOOKS: N.V. Books in Great Wolford, Warwickshire is selling Adams’ vintage Hermes Standard 8 typewriter for $25,257.94.

Ain’t that the balls?

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