wait a minute weather

This time last week, I had 8 foot snow banks circling my yard like a walled city, then we had some warm weather followed on Friday by fog, thunder, lightening and torrential rains, yielding a perfectly lovely if seriously muddy book buying weekend. So, of course today we have snow . . . a lot of it. If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute, it will change. perhaps it’s the agoraphobe in me, but I just love being snowed in.

Over the weekend they unexpectedly moved Herself from the hospital to a nursing home which does short term rehab. Granted she will only be there a few weeks, but I have to make arrangements as if she was long term: clothes, shoes, laundry, tv, radio, phone, clock, newspaper, coat hangers. Her family’s response was to buy her new pajamas. And you wonder why I prefer cats to people.

In response Rebekah and Carey from Coelacanth Books dragged me out of my cave kicking and screaming. Drove me up to the Old Number Six Book Depot in Henniker, NH and did not let me back in the car until I had spent many hours and many more dollars buying books. Aside from $200 dollars of books for resale, I bought myself a 1st of a Helene Hanff I didn’t already have and some books for parts for other books. And we had an incredible brunch. . . and it WASN’T just good, cause someone else cooked it and I didn’t have to wash anything.

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