waiting for sandy

i finally put away the boat and all the yard furniture, i even folded up all the recycling. Didn’t manage to get EVERYTHING off the porch that i usually do, some of it is stuff i am still sorting through like buckets of tools etc.

I just cant bring myself to put the bike in the barn. i haven’t ridden it in months, but i just can’t. i will bring it into the living room and give it a bath, etc.

State of Mass in a state of emergency so all the towns can get their shit together and i am still waiting for an email regarding CERT nothing has come yet. I have decided to fuck it. If it were a paying job i’d have quit by now. I don’t suffer fools well. There is no challenging the powers that be, because they are just too stupid for words.

New Years resolution…now that i have gotten rid of at least 35% of what i used to have….still chugging towards that 50% mark…i may actually make it. i have a couple of batch of stuff to cull to get there..but i think the New New years resolution is to start worrying about myself and not so much about other people. There just hasn’t been a lot of benefit from trying to take care of the world at large.

The rain is just spitting but the wind is starting to make itself known. If i get a call later to man a shelter, i am NOT going. I am packed in here like kippers in a can with all these damn animals.

I have no gas, no money and i figure i have enough food and water for a week. unfortunately i don’t have enough candles IF i lose power, but the last time i did lose power….lose power by accident, not shut off for non payment which actually could happen too, who knows…but it is really never more than a day. so, I will be fine reading books by flash light..it was good enough for me as a child. I will pull out some Lovecraft books…just the right reading material.

I will follow up with a post storm picture.

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