walk in the woods

I don’t get out as much as i would like these days..this year was a sad reflection on last year…last year i was rowing twice a week, the year before i was cycling..this year i sit on my ass….a lot. mostly struggling not to watch the rail trail project slip away..while balancing a crap load of other projects.

I was goofing off this weekend..not much choice..i paid a number of bills last week and then robbed the couch cushions for gas money…so basically i made my own fun. I watched tv… a lot of Universal Horror movies…Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein etc.. all my favorites…prepping myself for my yearly October ritual of listening to Roger Zelazny’s Night in the Lonesome October. It is a pastiche of UNiversal Horror monsters, Sherlock Holmes, Lovecraft and a bunch of retro dark fantasy stuff..told from the point of view of Jack the Ripper’s dog.

My brother has taken a dislike to Laurel…or basically he has extended his dislike to me having her on top of all the other foster pets. whatever I like her a lot more than i like him so he can get stuffed. I was never one for breed specific paranoia..i have met chihuahua’s i think are more objectionable than this big dumb oaf – i still can’t convince her that she is NOT a pug and will not fit on my lap. She did enjoy a trot down the rail trail…i hope i can find her a placement with a jogger…she’d do very well with someone she didn’t have to drag along behind her. She had to take a nap…well so did I. If i am not mistaken she’s taking another one now. Lucky dog.

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